Theoretically, it shouldn’t matter whether your doctor is gay or not. All that should matter is their level of expertise in the medical care you need. However, a Peak Men's Health patient, Matthew*, recently shared his reasons for choosing a gay urologist.

“Two years ago,” Matthew said, “I wound up trying out a men's clinic that supposedly treated low testosterone. I realized quickly the doctor I saw was just a general doctor, without the specialization and knowledge needed for my medical care.”

So yes, expertise definitely matters. But when it comes to matters of urology (which can cover hormones, fertility, and sexual health), it can be beneficial to find a provider who has expertise AND comes from your community. When dealing with such sensitive topics, many men hide aspects of their lives from their physicians. They worry that the doctor may judge them or give them subpar care because of unaddressed homophobia.

“When I saw the Peak Men's Health and Dr. Cheng advertisement, I was excited for a gay doctor who would fully understand me and not feel that I had to hide anything.”

Patients, especially LGBTQ patients, have far better experiences when they feel comfortable sharing honestly with their doctors. Being honest about your health means your doctor will be able to address your concerns, and knowing that your doctor comes from your community can make that possible.

Even non-LGBTQ patients can benefit from seeing a gay doctor, as a judgment-free, open atmosphere can result in more straightforward conversations about your health needs. Whether it’s about sexual practices, performance issues, or fertility concerns, having someone you can be frank with makes a big difference!

In addition to finding a provider who comes from your community and has the medical expertise you need, it’s important to find someone you can genuinely connect with. Luckily, Matthew found that Dr. Cheng had the bedside manner he was looking for.

“Dr. Cheng treated me professionally as he went through his rounds of questions. I had a lot of questions for him, and he was very happy to answer them without brushing me off, as some doctors have. I want to be very informed on what is going on and the treatments I’m receiving, and like a doctor who is willing to take the time to actually discuss my questions.”

This Pride season, consider how you’re caring for yourself and your sexual wellbeing!

As Matthew says, “Seeing a urologist is important; it’s like taking your car for a regular oil change. If you don’t do regular checkups, it can lead to bigger problems down the road! Going to the doctor regularly helps track your health over time and catch changes in your health before they become major issues.”

*Patient name changed for anonymity