Xiaflex Treatment

Xiaflex Treatment urology new jersey men

The only FDA-approved medical therapy for Peyronie’s disease is collagenase clostridium histolyticum (Xiaflex). Clinical trials have shown that this drug degrades the scar tissue, improving penile curvature in the majority of men.

  • A course of Xiaflex treatment is made up of four treatment cycles.
  • One cycle of treatment involves two Xiaflex injections, 1-3 days apart.
  • The patient is taught how to perform at-home “penile modeling” for 6 weeks following each cycle of injections.
  • After the cycle of injections, patients are also taught how to use a penile traction device for 2 hours daily.
  • Before resuming sexual activity, patients should wait at least four weeks after the second injection of each cycle.

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